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“I love it! I have TWO. I always try to convince skeptical friends to try it, and in the words of one former skeptic- 'That's Brilliant.'”

Christian Thomas
Los Angeles, CA

“I use mine every day.
Thank you Poodium!”

Shannon R.
Hollywood, CA

“I can define my life’s trajectory as simply
as pre and post Poodium. Men come and
go, but a Poodium is forever -- or until I’m incontinent, that is.”

Lauren K.
Law Student
Boston, MA

“The Poodium is great!"
It keeps everything going "Smoothly."

John T.
Easton, NH

“I’ll tell you how much the Poodium means to me.
My 22 year old son and I race each other to the
bathroom in order to use the Poodium first!”

Brian Trent
Custom Cabinet Maker

 “As a writer who is constantly on the computer and on the move, the bathroom is one of the last refuges of my fast-paced lifestyle.
  Thanks to The Poodium, I can shut out the world during those few windows of time during the day, and actually relax. No more burnt knees from resting a laptop on them, no more numbness in my feet after being engrossed in a magazine article, and no more fumbling around with a newspaper while trying to read on the toilet.
  The Poodium allows me to put anything from a regular-sized "Sports Illustrated'' to a novel to a tabloid-sized "Rolling Stone'' to a wide screen laptop right in front of me for easy reading. Also, with the footrests, I don't have to worry about that familiar tingling sensation in my feet when I'm wrapped up in a good story or article.
  Also, having the toilet paper roll right there means no stretching halfway across the bathroom or trying to reach around the laptop when it's time to wrap things up. The built-in magazine rack also means that I have plenty of variety when I go in there.
  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is small enough to easily be stored in a corner, thereby avoiding the dreaded, "What is this thing doing in here?'' by the woman in your life. She'll hardly notice and will probably secretly use it.
  All in all, The Poodium makes me look forward to those few minutes of sanctuary a day when I can just surf the Web, read an article I've been wanting to get to, or just relax for a few minutes. It's such a perfect invention that it may spike the sale of prunes and fiber because so many guys will want to spend their quality time in the bathroom.
  It's so good that my easy chair and my toilet are now in direct competition for my free time.”

Scott Stump
Spring Lake, NJ