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Your Business is our Business

The Poodium is a handcrafted piece of furniture designed to enhance your bathroom experience.  The Poodium's patent pending design combines the optional physical benefits of an elevated foot position, a convenient news and storage rack, and a platform for your reading material.

Using The Poodium is easy!  Simply sit on the toilet as usual, slide The Poodium in front of you, flip down the top, place your feet on the footrest (if you wish to elevate your feet) and ENJOY.

The Poodium's fold-down tabletop is perfect for holding reading material or (even) a laptop computer for easy hands-free reading and/or typing.  The Poodium also replaces awkward and unsightly newspaper racks.  Toilet paper holder is included.

For many, the bathroom or "Restroom" is a place to do just that, rest.  In today's fast-paced world, The Poodium offers comfort and convenience during your timeout from your
busy life.



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