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Health Benefits of The Poodium

Use of the Poodium’s elevated foot rest aligns your body for a more productive bowel movement.  The elevation of one’s feet lessens pressure in the anal and rectal veins thereby removing much of the stress and strain that can cause hemorrhoids and in extreme cases even aneurysms (ouch!).  The elevation of one’s feet when using the modern toilet is strongly encouraged by health experts. 

Pregnant women and all those suffering from constipation benefit tremendously by elevating their feet, allowing the body’s natural pressure to “take care of business.” 

The assistance provided by the Poodium allows the user to enjoy reading his or her choice magazine, book or online blog – that’s right, many take advantage of the reading platform to rest their laptop.     

The Poodium’s health benefits extend to a broad spectrum of people, ranging from those suffering from bowel related problems, pregnant women or just your average Joe or Jane who wants a more relaxed restroom experience.  People have had to suffer from the effects of using the modern day toilet for too long. The following article found within Ross Horne’s book Cancerproof Your Body, explains the history of the modern toilet and the health problems caused by its design.

“The toilet first became popular in England in approximately 1850, and its use soon spread throughout the civilized world. It was originally designed by Joseph Bramah, a cabinet maker, and improved upon by Thomas Crapper, a plumber.

The toilet designers of the day (Harrington, Bramah, Crapper and others after them) were not men of medicine. All of them did not recognize the mechanical advantage that squatting offers the body.

It was not until the early 1900s that wise doctors… questioned the conventions of the time .

In his book The Culture of the Abdomen published in 1924, Dr William Welles quoted leading medical authorities of the time who were very outspoken about the toilet's faulty design and ensuing health consequences.

This was what he wrote: "It would have been better if the contraption had killed its inventor before he launched it under humanity's buttocks."

Constipation, hernias, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and appendicitis were also attributed to the use of the toilet.

A solution to the dilemma was offered in the form of a footstool used to elevate the feet to the approximate squatting posture. At one point, the footstool was so popular it was being sold at Harrod's of London.”

From the lowly footstool, which we can happily  relegate back to 20th century England, emerges the Poodium, a handcrafted piece of fine American design and workmanship that will serve you loyally for years to come.